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Music Mastering

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Make your music
sound its best

Produce quick and affordable masters without sacrificing the nuances of your mix.

Created by musicians and mastering engineers, uses advanced technologies that take musical context into account.

Easily configure our Music Mastering API to enhance subtle, tonal qualities, and reduce the elements you don’t want.

Join the many musicians, artists, and companies that trust to deliver superior quality sound in an easy-to-use API.

How to Demo

The music mastering process is a subjective artform.
As you are listening to the sample tracks toggle between the orginal and master version. You should notice some subtle changes to the song's character applied to the original track.
You can interactively select alternate profiles below to apply different styles to the track. Scrub forward on the media player to hear how the profile affects different portions of the track.
Drag the cover art or click the next arrow to listen to another artist's track and music genre.

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Profile A

Tight dynamics and ample brightness in the upper frequencies.

Card Image
Profile B

Tight dynamics, a solid low-end, and mid-frequency clarity for vocal emphasis.

Card Image
Profile C

Big bass presence and tight dynamics.

Card Image
Profile D

Heavy bass and sub-bass presence.

Card Image
Profile E

Big bass and sub-bass presence with additional openness in the mid and high frequencies.

Card Image
Profile F

Wide low-end processing with a light and ethereal tone.

Card Image
Profile G

Wide low-end processing with dark and moody tone.

Card Image
Profile H

Wide dynamics and ample openness in the mids and highs to allow for a wide spectrum of sound.

Card Image
Profile I

Tight dynamics, and a well rounded, balanced tone.

Card Image
Profile J

Smooth, tight dynamics, and a light lift in the upper frequencies.

Card Image
Profile K

Wide dynamics with a solid low and mid-frequency boost.

Card Image
Profile L

Emphasis on the mid-frequencies to highlight vocals. genres.

Card Image
Profile M

Light touch with ample mid-frequency clarity to let acoustic instruments shine in the mix.

Card Image
Profile N

Wide dynamics, and warm full tones for orchestral instruments.